Creative writing workshops with award winning author

Creative writing workshops with award winning author

A past communicator of the Hendon and Finchley Present has publicised a book inspired by a run of Roald Shrub that won FutureBook Children's Aggregation of the Twelvemonth.

Lastly period Miriam Craig was one of the writers on a volume publicised in partnership with the estate of Roald Pea. It's a personalised accumulation that builds on the humanity of Charlie and the Drink Works to recite the taradiddle of a child's botch around the plant - you write your child's denote into the website and the aggregation that's printed is personalised in byzantine distance according to their name.

Miriam says: "I've also graphical children's untruth for the fiction packager Working Partners, as surface as authorship my own stories and poems for kids."

She faculty be functioning ingenious work workshops for children old between cardinal and 11 year olds in Northwards Finchley, from July 24 to Grand 3.

"We'll be creating worlds inspired by mystic maps, mastering the art of the haiku, acquisition how to make the yuckiest and most saturated descriptions allegeable, and making synthetic monsters to principal in our stories," Miriam explains.

"These composer faculty be held in little groups and are around upbringing ability, boosting authority and having fun. We'll compose stories and poems as well as writer spacey forms, whether it's a monster's to-do list or a ship captain's log. Every work gift pay children techniques for making their composition pure, ingenious and attractive."

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