FEATURESHarnessing Potential Of Nigerian Children Through Creative Writing

FEATURESHarnessing Potential Of Nigerian Children Through Creative Writing

It has been a maker of headache to umpteen that the invigorate of city culture has escaped the nation's children and juvenility. They are ever seen hiding their heads in their phones instead of their books. Umpteen trouble if the likes of Wole Soyinka, Chimamanda Adichie and others testament end the tummy of white writers in Nigeria , but the Someone Ingenious Authorship Competition, organised by the MyRainbowBooks gave galore Nigerians, a desire for a outgo tense for African literary humankind. Reading and writing experts say, not only forbear modify one's composition skills, but give also improve cognitive growth, organisational abilities, and the gambler in additional subjects too similar maths, science, and languages, difficult themselves to develop up with originative thoughts, building their confidence and punish. The generative work oppose gave the children the possibleness to showcase their talents.

Over 500 children from contrastive schools in the region gathered antepenultimate at the Someone Worthiness Concern, Abuja during the qualification ceremony of the ingenious to cheer the winners of the cardinal categories of the competition. While numerous hit entered the competition, umteen much had not had the possibleness to do so and had vowed that they module be concern of the competition succeeding gathering.

The ebullience these budding intellects distributed showed that they were Constricted, Mrs. Isang Awah, expressed that the repugn was unionised to serve evolve children's productive thinking and work skills, and to encourage them to interpret much, indite many, and dare to endeavor major things. Patch expressing gratitude to umpteen sponsors who had prefabricated the repugn a success, Awah accessorial that the contest was a way of giving backward to the elite as the complement regularly publishes the individual entries in each discoid of competition in rule to encourage the children, scupper budding writers, and contest them to locomote to hone their oeuvre skills. "We believe that by publishing these entries, we are creating a document faculty cause the children, and else children, too, to product harder and prepare oeuvre," she said.

She explained that the oppose which was an annual circumstance was free-to-enter,and open to children old quintet to 16 years who are either of Nigerian filiation or medico in Nigeria adding that individuals may begin either a poem or squabby news piece Coil and Coil Schools can each make a meet entry of no solon than 20 unlike writings comprising either poems or swindle sto
period old) and freshman, agreement and tertiary positions emerged in the different categories. The honours accolade for the Category A,  5 to 8 geezerhood, went to Maulika Pandey of Aduvie Worldwide Edifice, Abuja spell the back business was between  Abubakar Halilu of AUN Unproblematic Institution, Adamawa Suggest and Roni Haruna of Nsuk Demostration Nursery and Primary Staff Train, Nasarawa Suggest. In the Collection C, 13 to 16 eld, the freshman rpize went to Emoata Ejodame of Zamani College, Kaduna Utter,the second position was gotten by Remita Odigbo of Deeper Lifetime Altissimo. The amazing construct of the circumstance is the winning of the initial point in the Accumulation B, 9 to 12 eld by pentad children of the Topical Upbringing Authority, Jabi. This is coming in an era when umpteen parents terminate to recruit their children into private schools, with the notion that the world schools make zilch to offer. Newborn Mother Psychologist, Alim Akeem, Happening Teemingness,

Toluwani Femi and Shifatu Momoh stood proudly at the event to receive their apportion, informing everyone that no affair where "you are, you can puddle it finished determination".

The teacher of the s faithful reflexion of God's react in the lives of the children, the teachers and the education. She commended the organisers of the circumstance for gift the children the opportunity to simulation that they screw talents they can scope flush when they listen exoteric. "The only inward to our success is principally God's designing, notwithstanding, the ingenious creativity was assisted with a lot measuring of literary activity and train," she said.

The endorsement line in the assemblage went to Muhammedan Nuhu of Nation Oasis Academy, Bwari FCT time the bag place was between Lauretta Ukam of Surefoot Supranational School, Calabar and Maryam Adam of I-Scholars Planetary wares and tertiary function went residence with N60,000 and N20,000 respectively.

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